Monday, July 15, 2013

Botanical Garden!!

 of course, some cat pics. :)

 This was from very early spring. There aren't even leaves on the trees yet.

 in my neighborhood.
 And now, the Chicago Botanical Gardens
 early blossoms
 weeping willow!


 edible things!

 is it doing the tree pose?
 wall hugger
 ahh, the delicacy of an apple blossom!


 goose gazing.
 what a long name,
 ...for such a small tree.

 this i LOVE! sideways wall garden!
 this flower was very intricate, this picture doesn't cut it.
 twisty, windy bean thing!

 new leaves
 mmm, purple asparagus.



 strawberries under glass!


 time for the japanese gardens.

 this is what perfect sakura look like.

 this is forbidden island, it's supposed to be like shangrala or brigadoon.


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