Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catching up: Pics from Summer: Moving in!

 One of the last views from the Chicago apt.
 New Place!
 A LOT of work to do!
 Yay for bay window!

 the dirt is where they had to dig out the crawl space access to replace the well tank system.
 inside back yard
 some metal ducks i found in the ground!
 New fire pit! :D
 Dirty knees = awesome!
 Let's put this baby into action!
 Wasp Nest Apocalypse 2013
 I am responsible for genocide, but it was eight-years of colony growth and needed to be done!
 more wasp nests on the siding (they were living in the fake siding shutters).

 To the McHenry County Fair!!!
 cock shutt or cocks hutt?
 so cute!
 I want all of them!
 soon, my pretties!
 Yummy hay!
 this one is hairy
 Look at its crazy eyes!
 so friendly and sweet!
 KKK sheep

 fashionista sheep
 sheep are boring but their eyes are pretty.

 working on my bathroom floor!
 Trevertine tile, both regular and irregular mosaic. green grout to follow (goal is mossy forest glen feeling)
 Dad arrives with the supply train! Yay tools!
 time for a cook out: includes guard cat!
 sleepy boy!
 grape picking!
 they have gone crazy and grown up the tree! not next year, grapes!
 beautiful flowers
 beautiful fungus

 the grape harvest. :)
 Here comes the flooring!!
 and here comes the new puppy!

 hickory-smoked boston butts.
 the smoker in the act!

don't believe this innocence. he is a brat.


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