Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bringing Dad Home. Spring 2014, Deserts and the Departed

So, last Spring my Father ended up heading North early. He had a small stroke at the end of Winter, which lead to some corrective surgery, and he needed some help packing and driving. I made an unplanned trip to Tucson to first hug him (because that was an intensely scary experience, especially from so far away), then to pack up for the year and take him home to the farm. Once I arrived in AZ, I felt relieved to be within reach of him and could relax after two weeks of helplessness and stress. The desert was all the more beautiful as I thanked the powers that be for the life we have and the time we have together.
My Dad's retirement community abuts a beautiful state park, which I like to hike at every opportunity. 

 anyone home?

 excited to try the local burger joint! Tiny is a misnomer.

 from my dad's front yard, looking West.
 front yard looking East.

 glow of sunset.
 some fantastic cirrus clouds!

 We also stopped in KS to transfer the remains of my cousin Danny. He had DS, but lived an exceptionally long life despite it. When Danny was born, people would lock DS children in nursing homes or mental facilities, not understanding their capabilities. My Aunt Mary chose to raise him (at the cost of her husband leaving), and did the best she could. Once my aunt passed, Danny was moved to an integrated assistance home and really blossomed. It makes me sad to think about how different his life would have been if he had been born in the last decade. He might have had a job and a girl friend and a full life. He was a sweet person and I remember him from my childhood, well-meaning but clearly different, occasionally startling us with loud outbursts, always ready with a hug. My first real experience with a differently-abled person, and one that I will always remember. Rest In Peace, Cousin.

Finally home! Excited and silly about the work of the year ahead of us, glad to be past the Winter and surgeries and death. Soon, it will be time again; time for Dad to return, time for life to return, the world to turn green, and for us to dance in the sun and be glad.


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