Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Last Spring! The planting of baby trees, and the shearing of alpaca.

 Red-dog knows a good stick when he finds one!

 out with the mullberry, in with the chestnut baby!
 so small!! (it grew quite a bit over last year, i will take new pics soon)
 the mulberry stump became the bone alter (a place to wedge large bones for the dog to find later).

 Bulb discovery! I appreciate that the former owners planted all these things, because I certainly would not have bothered.

 that is NOT a Winter sky!
 the grass is starting to green in this shot, you can see one of the laundry line posts we built during our first half-year.

 the neighbors have an alpaca farm, and they invited us over to witness the Spring Shearing! it was fascinating and hilarious.
 There are about ten females, and the other had already been sheared and released to the outside area. these four are looking longingly at their free friends, hoping to escape without undergoing the buzz-cut!
 prepare the victim!!
 weights to keep her head down.
 It begins!

 this one was a screamer and needed a gag. apparently they don't all hate this process.


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