Thursday, October 18, 2007

randomness, the natural history museum, and my accident.

look at this huge freaking spider i caught at work!
migrations over clinton lake.
jeramie, diana, chris, me, bri, and honey d is taking the picture. this is a set building night for the show.
let's check out some old stuff!!
holy shit it's a grizzly!
fight it off, johnathan! what's wrong with this place? there are bears everywhere!
this one seems friendly enough.
it's comanche, custer's horse.
Dyche hall is awesome creepy-fun.
i want one!!
and i want one of these too!
this one is real, i don't want one of these...
can you see the underground johnno attack?
oh no's! the tables have turned!

this dude is having a bad day.
and now, on to my accident! here's the mud from sloshing around! ugh!
that tire is pwn'd!
thank you bumper for your sacrifice!
dude, i totally fucked that guard rail up!
i've discovered that my truck is not cammoflaged. dammit!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Wedding of Ryan and Cybil, and other things

aww, my dad peeled apples and made a cobbler!
pretty! but you'll have to guess what it is.
this one too.
the picture of innocence.
the hot bodyguards. meow!
the jumping of the broom! hooray pagan rites!
mia and i! i'm official so they gave me a flower; i think i get a discount on my wedding if i show it to them, or something like that.
the first dance as husband and wife! they slow danced to death metal and it was really romantic!
time to boogie!
caitlin is so cute!
time for cake!
feed me, symore!
that's peter. haven't seen him in at least 5 years. it feels like high school again all of a sudden.
yay, drinking!!