Thursday, September 29, 2011

Portland! well, pretty much just Cannon Beach, OR

the famous haystack rocks!
the sun is in the wrong place for this pic!

squinty faces!
this is what you get when you jump in front of my camera to startle me! pic on webs!

it was a beautiful day!
i love this pic! it's so hopeful!

some sea-life!

we found a crab! he was not having a good day.
after running around on the wet sand, we spread out the towel and just chilled in the warm, dry sand for a while: it was so lovely!!

waking up in the tent the morning after D and Z's wedding!
we went hiking in the state park that is in Portland, and this fern was cool: it grows in a radiating circle.
this tree was also notable!
the 24hr church of Elvis. worth checking out!

getting through the bar, warrior dash, and follow ups

before the warrior dash (the weekend after the bar!) = a 5K with 12 obstacles, including jumping over fire and mud pit. it was great to do it with Kathy and Crystal!
muddy clothes from the warrior dash
the first rinse left the water so muddy, it looked like i'd brewed coffee in my bathtub!
sizzle is spaced out
from left to right: tomato, catnip, thai chili, lavender, basil, rosemary, wheat grass
Chicago skyline from the adler planetarium
this was a few dates in, but still pretty early into my relationship with my wonderful astrophysicist!

(skipping backwards in time; blogger won't let me move the pics around and i'm too lazy to delete them all and reload) velcro is helping with bar prep flash cards
relaxing in southern MO ~2wks before the Bar with Crystal for her family's get-together! it was a very nice time!
trout cleaning.
a colorful sky and a nice moon rising from my apt window
epic cloud!
here comes the weather! (looking south west from my apt)
basil blooms
the catnip is very pretty on my altar.
peas in a pod.
this neat temple near NW Uni that Chris took me to.
the observatory at NWern Univ
NW 'English' garden
Chris tackling the 'boyfriend test' dad and i set up: to change which side my fridge doors open on! took him about 15-20min. :) i tell him he's handy, and he says it's just tenacity.