Thursday, October 30, 2008

memory lane: pics from gladrial remind me of home.

gardening at cedar springs!now for my going-away party!! first there was an amazing storm!!!!!! some of us went to play in the rain! yay, erika!rain-soaked and couldn't be happier! yay, wine!
hitting up the feast bounty in the kitchen.
yum, more wine!
anteus and bruce!
turtle gave me a turtle!! :)
turtle on your head, woodrobin!
maria anna and harry, miss you two!
lark gives me her parting wisdom.
oh yeah, lark is AMAZING!
Fire time!!! marshmellows are very serious, right erika?
more wine around the campfire.

the next morning, all is quite (probably from my wine hangover) breakfast!
time to break camp! (and go pick up my uhaul for the big move)

gladrial and rain. love you two, can't wait to see you for yule!!! :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Eugene Trip

on my bike to school, the vines are to Eugene!
the pony's view! the pony's room!
the living room.
the kitchen's super cute!
let's walk around the neighborhood!

to the park!
lonely pony in the park



baby llama in the grass.
llamas have funny faces.

bees are scary...
*cue romantic music*
llama love!

this is this sweet "thing" in the coop's backyard.
the coop!

artichoke blossom!
a rosebud
what's this?
on the drive home: waterfall!