Saturday, November 29, 2008

Winter Cometh!

it all started with snow on Mt. Spokane on a sunny morning.
and then, the staff at school having a christmas decorating party!
and then the snow started
SNOW!!! and it didn't stop, this is just the last pic i took before it got dark. i think it snowed a good inch and a half, maybe two inches. then i got to bike home! :) it will soon be to that point where i need to decide if i want to be hardcore and bike in the winter here. to do that i'll need a front fender, winter boots, and possibly studded bike tires. hmm... i love biking, it's easier for me at this point than driving, but... *shrug*
chainsaw's cuteness!
aww, what a sweet boy!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

cat gushing

what a handsome man!
some happy eyes from velcro
look close and you can see chainsaw's face in the darkness,
a true familiar will hangout on your alter fro time to time, just to keep the energies balanced. ;)
velcro succeeding at keeping me from my work (those are all the articles i'm using for my bioethics paper)

Saturday, November 01, 2008


first, i was a gypsy palm-reader at the youth center!
then i was a samurai at school. melissa was goth waldo!
this is what happens when you wear an indigo kendo uniform all day.
welcome to the one time a year that i actually blow dry my hair.
elena was the corpse bride, and lindsay was Foxy Cleopatra.
who wants to pet oscar's worm?
and my third costume for halloween: puck from A Midsummer Night's Dream. only 2 people actually figured out who i was without having to tell them.
group picture, girls!
boy group picture! sean is wearing my godzilla pjs, jeff is white trash, travis is a pimp (i think), and tyler is the old backwards suit guy!
lindsay proceeded to take a picture with the camera backwards. ;)
that's right, captain america in the house!
hippies and disco, together at last!
close up on the wonderfully-awful facial hair.
joe the plumber and a fantasia hippo.
reid was a magic 8 ball. he had cards in his pocket that he would pull out if you asked him a question.
yes, reno 911!! bow to their glory!
tropic storm meets disco jungle.
she's a one nightstand. or a one-night stand. or something like that. it's brilliant regardless.
behold the power of godzilla!!
get down!

mary cathrine gallagher. what a superstar.