Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rainbow Tree

nice drool, chainsaw. ;)
it's a rainbow tree!
so pretty!
the view off "my hill" after sunrise.
the zombie keep.
chainsaw is lording over dana's hl2:ep2 game playing.
hey, it's a shark!
bathroom shananagins in the replay bathroom.
tea time after barhopping.
can't tell that we've been drinking, can you?

three cheers for thanksgiving!! hip-hip-yummy!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

cat cuteness takes over my camera

velcro looks hungover. :P "hey, bra, turn off that light, please. it's totally messing with me."
bubble tea with mia on fri night. hooray!
squirrel vs pumpkin.
the cat's love the them TO DEATH!!!
look, look, Look, LOok, LOOk, LOOOOOOOK!!!!!!
chainsaw is the hotness!
let's play.
a true warrior maintains pure focus during battle.
sleepy mongo...
here's a polaroid of chainsaw when he was a itty-bitty kitty. he's such a big boy now, but still my baby. :)
velcro contimplates the fall day. the idiot savant at his finest. ;)

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween community theater show, biking with ellen, Halloween, and Samhain

the set for the first one-act; apparently this is the most elaborate set EMU's made in a long time. it was a total bitch to move off stage.

and then when the zombie outbreak happens, shawn and lesslee help me move diana's dead and soon to be zombie'd body off stage.
hauling zombie jack off of christi's body; "into the closet with you!"
then at the end i held up the last section of the 'sheild wall' to save the audience from the zombies.
some more zombies found christi's body... gross! (the gore was chicken and jello)
and now that the zombie threat is over... Drinking!
aww, cute box turtle on the path when we were biking.

are bikes are married. :)

hey, it's ellen and a sailboat.
there's a good smile. :)
giant spider!
spider from the front
so pretty!
johnathan and mongo: "well if you say these pumpkins are supposed to be in the house, and you keep petting me, i'll believe you"
dana's ork, and mine is a swirling vortex of energy in the underworld where the spirits are rising from the flames to the real world while the moon hangs overhead.

here's a contact plate that accidentally fell on the warehouse floor; that's alot of mold!
roger in his stagecoach gear.
bruises left over from the zombie, there are other, more impressive bruises, but it would involve a semi-revealing picture ;)
yay, mass st. in the fall is so pretty!
the east alter, also to Hera.
the west alter, and to the ancestors.
the south alter, also to Herakles
the north alter, also to Hekate.