Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring is Springing in Chicago!

 a dangerous repose
 waves and wind at dawn
 Blossoms in Edgewater
 Pansy-Planting on the Magnificent Mile
 white tulips at the Watertower Park, reflecting Hancock Tower.
 Chicago Tribune and new leaves
 Tulip Country
 I conspiracy between food vendors. :)
 Outside of an Ethiopian restaurant in Rogers Park
 neighborhood stroll
 same. i love the color variety in these flowers!
 Pet Stroller, Away!
it's going to be a fun summer.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Shots from old phone and new tablet (Pt 3)

Tomato Plant!

catnip sprouts

a Chicago Tradition

something from Grandma (she made ceramics as a hobby)

re-org'd closet


our supervising atty made us a cake for working on the weekends.

new location for the catnip
logo doodles

Shots from old phone and new tablet (Pt2)

At karaoke

oh yeah.

Manito Park in Spokane


i love the attitude in this!!!

Baby Oliver!

the Legends

fresh-picked black berries from Cedar Springs!

fluffy cat booty

i miss my roommates! (there was a phase of strategically erasing parts of messages on the white board)

what color pear do you like?

At Cedar Springs, chilling with the kitties.

Fresh Snow Peas from Cedar Springs!

Bounty from my garden in Spokane! :)


what flower is this?


Dweezil Zappa

Heck yeah.

Crystal's kitties when they were babies!

in Or.

KU campus art

at dad's

Eastern Washington

marker doodle

Chicago Sky

Clinton Lake

Douglas County Courthouse (old), KS

Cedar Springs


Cedar Springs

Spokane River

epic snow fort!

pumpkin pie from scratch


V for Vendetta


marmot sketch

Spokane River

My truck and dad's truck, Tetons.
He practices being this cute.