Saturday, July 02, 2011

The Move to Chicago and My Apartment!

on the road; chainsaw is working hard.
velcro is a fan of the floor when we are on long drives
starting to unpack!
some cuteness! :)
some more cuteness. Dad worked really, really hard over those days to help me get settled in. aww.
just down the street from my apartment! :)
you can see downtown!

meeting up with an old friend from jr. high while she was in town!
cat or beached killer whale?
the dish that William painted for me!

Now, for the apartment in its mostly finished configuration! it is a studio, with a separate kitchen. my bed and desk are near the bay windows, living space by the door.

ancestor and family space
looking from the living space towards the bathroom (closet is on left)
'bedroom' space.

the space in the kitchen by the window. (huh, just realized i never took any pictures of the rest of the kitchen! i'll take care of it soon)
it's nice to have the open space in the middle, and it's very comfortable so far!

my giant closet! (i've reorganized it some since this was taken; it's a very generous space and includes a linen closet)
my work space! note the cat tower is right in front of my desk so the cats have vip spots by the window.
the view!
it's been fun to watch the building construction.
My tomato's FIRST flower!!
Look how big this boy has gotten!
some fun summer weather coming in! i'm really enjoying being by the lake.
when chainsaw is on a diet, he diversifies his food groups. this is my stereo remote.