Thursday, February 26, 2009


I scanned this photo, it's in a picture frame on my mantle. this is little puppy mongo, chewing on an old shoe, under a work table on the back porch of our home in Ada, OK, where we first adopted mongo. here's from last year's christmas.
here's mongo on "signal mountain" in the tetons.
mongo was old faithful.
he travelled all over the place with my dad: kansas to colorado to wyoming to arizona to washington to texas.
mongo on the beach. this dog got to see just about everything.

he was loving and well loved. he was smart and sweet. he will be missed and his memory cherished. i love you, mongo, thank you for being in my life for so many years.

here's a video from christmas. it was so cute that my dad had built a ramp for mongo to get into the truck. it's a touching expression of a man's love for his dog.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Misc from January

let this be a lesson to you: beware of law school boredom in the library, for things may get very strange (as in, i start taking pictures of lindsay eating a pear)
ahh, bubble bath! thanks, trina!
bowling night
prepare to go hiking!
i am ready!
don't go swimming in the spokane river in january!

elena is harnessing her inner zen

this is from karaoke on my birthday. i didn't use my camera much because it was MY birthday, dammit!
my secret power: all natural anime hair.
it wouldn't be a blog post if i didn't include a picture of one of the cats! (i am such a crazy-cat lady)
DANCE! know you want to.
any guess on what kind of bar i'm at? ...
...yes, it's a gay bar, and yes, there's a drag show!! whoot! (fundraiser our school's GSA put on)
the seven foot cher monster
group shot!

how do they get cleavage like that?