Saturday, May 17, 2008

car show and art classes wrap up, plus storm troopers

grouting my mosaic project!
and here is the finished piece!
dragon-tire car!!

this is made entirely from beer bottle caps. prepare for more close ups.

omg, how did the imperial forces get here?!
red arch trooper!!!
hey, check out the hot trooper. meow!

some pottery pieces.

my 'marn' urn.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

springy type things!

this is why i love kansas!
mom's grave.
the shaped parts of my mosaic laid out after completion. (not glued)
my space cadet sister and her new tattoo.
art in the park!!
the first sunburn of the season, from art in the park (missed this spot with my fancy new spray on sunblock).
my first two pottery pieces! (to see the unglazed, look at the post before this one)
pretty flower, what is it?
megan's surprise party. "hey, i think i know some of these 20 people in this room..."
"omg, you tricked me again!" (apparently chantal has successfully thrown a surprise party for megan for the past three years!)
beautiful old farm house on the way to cedar springs.

everything is getting so green!!

it's glued! next week, all the spaces will be filled with black.

it was a night of firsts. for example, this is my first strapless bra.