Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Vacation! (thanks, dad!)

just drivin through on my way to kansas!
three days driving to kansas, rolled in to crystal's, went with her and her dad to water aerobics, then it was yummy mexican food and beer for dinner!
organic grocers downtown lawrence
the lovely erika hanging up her laundry!
crystal, andy, and i out for a drink at henry's!
cool tattoo!
no lawrence house party would be complete without a sweet alien-making kit.
off to camp gaia!!

my god-father, red, in his sweet mongolian outfit!
trina (my lil' sis) and i haveing dinner with red and sue.
time to hangout in cedar springs with galadrial!
say hello to dinner!

fire up the sauna!!

i've been doing alot of driving!
Helllo, Wyoming!
check out this storm front, it's looks like an alien battleship or something.
driving into the sunset was rather surreal. i got into my dad's at ~2am.

back to the tetons! and yes, i some how managed to look like tom sawyer.

hey, ryger, whatcha got there?
first: off for a hike with dad and ryan.

hey, daddy!

hanging out for lunch after a great bike ride.

up for some snow on a long hike with ryan.

there's a black marmot on the lower rock to the left.


old faithful.


smile in the clouds.