Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ostara and Misc.

hurry up, spring! i want more of these type of days! this is from biking to and beyond clinton a couple of weeks ago.
so this is what it looks like from this side of the dam on my bike. :P
i thought the twilight looked cool through my bedroom window.
visiting jeff at work. he gets to push buttons and stuff, but won't let me! not fair!
i do get to pretend to talk into the guest mic.
for this cute moment i give an 8.5.
this represents the girl game group running for their lives up the foothills. (gunner is sleeping on the job)
i look down on you all from my ku podium!
it's a train!
doom bunny!
yay, the garden looks nice! you can see all the leaves in the compost pile in the back.
time to go treasure hunting!
look at all my treasure!!
this is a super egg from a super chicken. :) (jw made this one, ain't it swell?)

Saturday, March 01, 2008


my end table in my apt.
oh, smoke from a snuffed candle.
strange swirly pattern on the plane. i couldn't look at it for too long or i would start to get motion sick, weird.
leaving kc! (shit, it's cold down there!)
arriving in atlanta! (shit! it's wet down here!)
downtown that night.
cdc tour with brendan and my cousin beth.
oh yeah!! haz-mat suit!
night out on the town?
if you can't tell, this is my sexy suit dance. ;)
model of the cdc complex.
the building on the bottom is the one that beth works in.
very pretty!
chutes for everybody!
this is brendan's aquarium. he lives in GA, so he built it or something, right?
this is me being a dork and trying to stand up in the tunnel thing.
i'm a tard.
hah! that's a fine kettle of fish!
little kids are cute!
where's genna?
whale shark!
whale shark at the top.
aww, but they only let you on if your like three-feet tall! no fair!
play areas are sweet!
ahh, san diago, roughly translated as "a whale's vagina". but this is a picture of the whale slide from the mouth end... or is it?
I'm Gonna Touch It!!!!
baby beluga!!

seahorses are cool!
OTTER!! the cutest thing at the aquarium!

OMGZZ!! pardon my language, but this is sooo fucking cute!

weird little sand snake things.

tiny little rainbow jellyfish.
can you guess which one is me?

this picture came out great, it's my new background on my laptop for the time being.

tallest building in atlanta.
outside of fernbank museum with brendan and smitha!

head vs. ceiling.
in the bottom of an optical illusion.
hah! i used my digi cam to find out where the "spring" was that looked like it was in front of you but it was really being reflected there from underneath.
it's a twister, dorthy!
yes, yes! tell me the weather, my minions!!
BWA-HA-HA!! now show me the hight front! yes! yes...
interesting contrast...
down to the five-points district.

i want this hair. think i'd get away with it in law school?
karaoke group! whoot!
the amazing market!
crab-apple blossoms, we think.
yummy! a gum pole, just what i was looking for....
bob, smitha, beth, and i! what a great day for a short hike! :)
it's literally a big hunk of stone!

this park is dedicated to the confederacy.

after dinner, i didn't want to leave!! :) *hug*