Sunday, July 29, 2012

Airport art

Waiting for Brendan at O'hare. Airport art always fascinates me!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ooooo, Hontoni????

Went with a friend to Mitsuwa (a Japanese grocery store/ food court in Chicago burbs) for lunch before Batman last weekend, and was delighted at how authentic everything was! We only ate in the food court, and checked out the bakery, because I knew that if I went through the groceries that would be the end of me. I MUST go back with a cooler and stock up on tasty things!

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Pic from Dad

Here's a pic my dad sent me. He went outside to check out the approaching rain clouds. This bobcat was hanging out with a fresh bird kill in its mouth. He went in for his camera, and found that the bobcat had decided to park it in his yard and just eat-up right there. All that was left was the tail-feathers and a foot. That's very thorough eating, Bobcat!!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cats and stuff

 Sizzle is teh Cuteness when he sleeps in his tower perch.
 Orca adrift! compare to:

 he practices being this cute.
 waiting on the Purple line train in downtown Chicago
 the Zen-master in repose,
with cucumber plant.

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Dad and Trina's visit. :)

 i thought this wall was pretty neat with all the mix-and-match stones and bricks.
 every guest needs to try Tank Noodle! :)
 millennium park on our way to the blues festival
 Dad and The Bean
 Blues fest!

 water taxi from downtown to chinatown.

 sears tower

Pic Catch-up: Mid-late May (incl. trip to heartland/KS)

 foggy NBC tower
 chainsaw on paperbag nest (it's become quite popular)
 velcro, the strange sleeper.
 catmint trailing off my desk.
 radish sprouts! :)
 cat nip and wheat grass
 trees filling out.
 trip to the park in the cat stroller.

 downtown perspective
 foster beach
 KC: this place (argh, forgetting name!) prides itself on having the most beers on tap in the world. those pipes along the celing are the tap lines running from the giant refrigerator room where there are ~50 kegs on tap!
 start small,
 ...finish big!
 at Heartland Pagan Festival! (i don't take a lot of pics there because there are strict rules about photographing people, and plus i'm too busy running around!) this is my trusty waterskin which is great for washing hands.
 there were butterflies everywhere!
 thistles and the lake.
 some back roads driving: i love the KS countryside!
 grandma and grandpa.