Saturday, November 17, 2012


 butternut squash
 ...and BEETS!

buckwheat pancakes.

Trip to the Field Museum

 fantastic sunrise, bright red for about 30sec
 C-tastic in Chicago!

 epic number of port-a-potties

 To the Field Museum!!

 cross section cut of a meteor!
 crazy metal meteor action!
 Tibetan sunglasses!!
 Tibetan animal hat! (now, that's retro!)

 alisaour and zebra, nature's best friends

 this is how they found them: the Field obviously supports creationist myths. ;)
 my dad would have loved the wood exhibit!

greasy Chicago staple at Max's after the Field.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cat Circus and Pumpkins

 Prepare for CatCircus!!!

 there's two of them!!
 the stage is set!
 more Oki, less Geoff
 More Geoff, less Oki
 the show begins!!

 there's even a band!

 yes, give me your monies, humans!

 it's a chicken on the cymbals!

 cabbage and bok choy
 beets and peppers

 this is the kitty living room space i made: plants, fountain, crinkle pad under towel, lounging space, and window.
 beginning of new kombucha batch.

 pesto change-o!
 pumpkin carving tools
 the zombie pumpkin.

 the tongue is pickled ginger and the burst eye is raspberry.
 other pumpkins
 angry birds!
 chicago skyline
 mac-n-cheese bar