Tuesday, August 21, 2012

where the hankies are kept.

To Kansas

 this is a cat who appreciates air-conditioning
 circle in a square
 relaxing in style!
 beautiful morning after rain ritual
 the path by the bath-house
 along the back, county roads
could this be any more picturesque?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Brendan Visits Chicago (aka: pretty, tourist pics)

 The 'Castle' house in my neighborhood.
 nap cats!
 taking the boat to Chinatown was so much fun with Trina and Dad, and I took Brendan that way when we went to the Shedd Aquarium. These 'corncob' condos are a Downtown Chicago landmark.
 The tiny, light-colored round bit on the right is the tip of the trump tower.
 boat bumper.

 this bridge has everything! variability, uniqueness, and a shack! :)
 headless, walking statutes: brainless, segway tour
 The Shedd Aquarium!! thank you, groupon (jazz wed night, includes entrance to all exhibits, and great view of downtown fireworks)
 Belugas! they would let out tiny bubbles and then catch them with their mouths! so cute and clever!

 penguin posers.
 pretty corral tank-scape!

 GROUPER!!! i love these guys!

 black sea slug
 clown fish!

 now out to the lawn for a picnic dinner while we watch the sunset! :)
 then the skyline comes out!
 then the wed night, summer fireworks show downtown!
 Brendan, meet the Bean!
 Moon + Bean = moonbean. lol.
 on my way to an interview: and saw this!
 it's a set for a tv show they were going to film. apparently they lowered it there with a crane.
delicious Kraken drinks!