Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Fungal Adventure!

Ryan and I went to the Redwood Nat'l Forest for his birthday in Jan before spring semester started. We camped next to the forest for four nights: absolutely spectacular! Last time we were in the Redwoods (during our epic summer road trip, see previous posts) we did alot of looking up... wow, big trees! :) but this time, because winter in the redwoods is very rainy (temperate rainforest), there were interesting fungus growing EVERYWHERE! ryan was quite the fungal hunter, and took it upon himself to fully document the variety. Here are the highlights from our trip! We took our friend, Sean, along with us, and he posted his own excellent pics on fb and flickr.
We reach the coast! I love this picture, ryan looks so serious!
into the forest!
Sean vs the giant arm tree!
ryan vs. stump

this tree fell so hard that it split itself into planks! (its smooth cut from this angle, because it was intersecting a trail)
this is its stump! BAM! the reason it fell was a domino effect with another redwood that fell, but it was impossible to get a comprehensive pic of that, so i gave up: but it was sweet!

aww! cute, but probably deadly!
quiet spot. no foolin', the redwoods are THE quietest forest i've ever visited.
daring young lads!
reminds me of a mouth.
don't forget the giant trees!


i know the ewoks are around here somewhere...
weird white one!

plant or fungus?

i love that the outer edge is semi-transparent!

this slug is beautiful!

yellow dangles?
these are different.
ahh, here's a poisonous one!
do not eat.
our hike took us to a marsh which fed into the ocean.
there were so many little streams in the marsh, that we couldn't make it to the ocean without total pants soakage!
since this was northern cali and all, we went to a nearby coastal town for some ocean fun! this was the same day as that ~6.5 earthquake; which we felt!

I should have been a marine biologist!
fav pic from the trip: check out the RAD fractals!!
little things.

lol, this look hilarious!

down to the docks!
even the crab wants some!

A lovely outting!